Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Business

Looking for ways to save time and organize your business better? These apps will help you track ideas, to-dos, expenses, projects, contacts, and much more.

1. Evernote

This simple idea-collecting app allows you to never lose track of thoughts on the run. It connects to mobile and desktop devices and has many features, including to-do lists and web and photo clippings. As the company’s mission says, “remember everything.”

2. Dropbox

With a dropbox account, you can save and share documents anywhere. Dropbox is particularly effective for sharing large files such as photos, presentations, and videos. You can use up to 5.25 GB for free.

3. Wunderlust

This is one of the most popular to-do list apps. It has a beautiful interface, works across devices, and allows you to collaborate with others easily. If you’re looking to boost your productivity, Wunderlust could come in handy.

4. Expensify

Looking for an easier way to organize messy receipts and create expense reports? Expensify does a few functions amazingly: first, you can take photos of receipts and it will automatically organize them. It also seamlessly creates expense reports and invoices, including tracking billable hours.

5. Base CRM and Sales Tracking

CRMs, or customer relationship management systems, often create more confusion, particularly if their user interface is ugly and unintuitive. Base CRM and Sales Tracking is a long awaited breath of fresh air. Track every lead in one place and clip information across multiple platforms, such as social networks, emails, tasks, calls, etc.

6. Asana

Ever feel like long email threads are not the best way to carry out projects? In comes Asana, a project management tool that your team will love. Members can start projects, define measurements of success, invite team members to join projects, initiate meetings and reminders, and track projects’ progress.

7. ToutApp

Never forget to follow up with people you meet again. ToutApp makes following up easy with template emails you can send through text, by saving contact details into your CRM system, and more.

8. Mobile Assistant

If you’re the kind of person that thinks better talking out loud, Mobile Assistant will revolutionize your life. Instead of needing a secretary, feel free to tell yourself key ideas that Mobile Assistant will convert into typed notes. Mobile Assistant can also dictate meeting notes: what a time saver!

9. TripIt

This is a great app to organize traveling. Put flight information, accommodations, and schedules in one place. You can also search for food and attractions and add them easily to your itinerary.

Have we left out any great apps from this list? Share them with us in the comments below.

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